Christmas Tree Care, Decorating Tips

Pike Nurseries offers tips on holiday decorating and how to maintain the health of your Christmas trees throughout the season.

Pike Nurseries experts have a few tips to select the perfect Christmas tree and keep if fresh and festive throughout the season: 

  • Look for a healthy green color. Run your hand along the branch of a tree to check for needles that hold fast and are flexible—not stiff and brittle.
  • Make a fresh cut along the bottom of the trunk. Prior to loading, Pike Nurseries offers this service free to guarantee that the tree will absorb more water.
  • Use a tree stand that holds at least one gallon of water. Keep a watchful eye and never let the water level drop below the bottom of the trunk, or the tree will not be able to absorb water.
  • Keep away from direct heat sources to prevent drying and fire hazards. Practice safety around holiday favorites such as candles, fireplaces, wood stoves or heating vents.
  • Add depth to your tree. Go heavy on Christmas lights and zig-zag them from front to back as you work through each layer of branches. Another trick is to stagger ornaments at different depths on the branches.
  • Choose a festival color pallet. For a professional looking tree, use a color pallet that includes two or three colors, and play with different shades of those colors.
  • Fill in holes and bare spots. Play with sprigs of berries or silk flowers for added texture and color to create a fuller looking tree.


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