Frugal Family: What to Buy in January

Take a look at some of the items that you can find deals on this month.

Although money may be tight so soon after the holidays, there are great buys in January that are worth the expense. Some are obvious: wrapping paper, Christmas decorations and like seasonal products. Others may surprise you: frozen finger foods, chocolate and linens.

Take a look at the following 23 products and see if there’s something you know you will need this year. By thinking ahead a few months, you will actually boost your budget’s bottom line in the long run.

Great Buys In January:

  1. Fitness Gear and Sports Equipment – Sales are on for all those people who have exercise/diet on a New Year’s resolution list.
  2. Diet Foods and Plans – For people with exercise/diet on their New Year's resolution list.
  3. Athletic Shoes and Apparel – For people with exercise/diet on their New Year's resolution list.
  4. Winter Apparel – Predictable, but still prices can be slashed 60-75 percent off. Belk’s is a great store to shop for seriously reduced winter apparel. Click here for current ad.
  5. Free admission to 398 national parks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 21). Click here for details.
  6. HDTVs – The Super Bowl is coming up. Prices will be getting lower and lower right up until game time.
  7. Tax Filing Software – On sale now. You can use TaxAct Online's FREE efiling software to file your Federal tax by going to www.taxact.com. 
  8. Furniture – Furniture manufacturers’ new lines come out in February. “Old” designs and inventory need to move, and serious furniture sales are happening throughout January.
  9. Air Conditioners – Obviously there’s not a huge demand for them right now, prompting great deals from sellers who would love to boost sales of ACs in the winter.
  10. Chocolate – Winter clearance. And many packaged chocolate goods don’t have Christmas designs on them so they don’t look dated. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to spread some love!
  11. Organizers and Planners –To plan for the New Year, of course! Sam’s traditionally has a really nice selection of quality, leather planners and organizers super cheap. Click here for a list of current inventory.
  12. Soda, Finger Foods, Chips, Salsa, Snacks – The Super Bowl is the reason of course! Click here for Kroger’s weekly ad.
  13. Warm Dishes, Especially Chili – For the Super Bowl.
  14. Hot Cereals – Because we are in the dead of winter.
  15. Toys – Christmas clearance.
  16. Electronics, with sales getting stronger in February.
  17. Laptops/Computers – New models and designs are about to be introduced – “Old” ones have slashed prices in order to move inventory.
  18. Small Appliances – Christmas clearance.
  19. Linens and Towels – Keep your eyes open for lots of White Sales! Anna’s Linens has a great one going on right now. Just one of their sales is a 7 piece comforter set “Rose Garden” style for $49.99. See photo in the photo gallery. Click here to see current ad.
  20. Motorcycles – Obviously, there aren’t as many sales in the winter so sellers are very motivated to make deals.
  21. Boats – For same reason as above.
  22. Carpeting and Flooring
  23. Houses – Even when the real estate market is good, it is at its worst at this time of year. So, right now is a GREAT time to buy.


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