Café at Pharr Plans 6th Location for Vinings Jubilee

Owner Johnny Liu said his sixth restaurant should open in late-May.

Café at Pharr plans to open its sixth location in Vinings Jubilee in May and owner Johnny Liu said he can’t wait to offer the service that his customers have come to expect from his other locations

“We’re voted one of the best working lunches in Atlanta,” he said. “We’re really fast, healthy, fresh. You definitely don't feel like the 2 o’clock ‘I need to go home and take a nap’ feeling. You definitely feel energetic. It’s just a great working lunch.”

Liu said he’s wanted to open a location in Vinings Jubilee for the past decade, but the stars had never aligned until earlier this year.

“When the opportunity finally came it was actually bad timing,” he said. “We’d just opened our restaurant and bar like two months ago. So it was really bad timing, but we agreed to open so we’re really excited that we did and that they agreed to some of the stipulations that we had. And here we are.”

Café at Pharr will occupy the space . The spacious patio was a big selling point for Liu who called it “the spotlight of Vinings.”

The Vinings Jubilee restaurant may be the sixth Café at Pharr location, but Liu reiterated that all his stores are family-owned and operated. The Vinings location will have a similar look and feel to Baci Restaurant and Bar by Café at Pharr in Brookhaven, he said. Liu anticipates that the restaurant will open in late-May.


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