Smyrna Group to Return for Kenyan Relief Projects

Smyrna's Cumberland Community Church continues work in Africa in the care of orphans and widows infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.

Courtesy http://www.gofundme.com/2014-kenya-mission-trip
Courtesy http://www.gofundme.com/2014-kenya-mission-trip
Smyrna resident Gail Woodworth is part of a group that is hoping to depart later this month for another mission trip to Kenya. The group has a gofundme account to provide people an opportunity to give financially to the team. See here for more info and here's more from Woodworth at the site:

In 2007 we sent our first exploratory team to Kenya to find a place to serve. We went to Kiserian, a town just outside of Nairobi, because the pastor of Enyorita Community Church is the father of a member of our church. This personal link was our first step of discovery. Their dreams became our dreams! Pastor Herbert Ngunyi and his wife Ruth have become close friends. We also traveled with 410 Bridge to see other opportunities to serve. Through 410 Bridge we met Bishop David Thagana a wonderful godly leader and head of GOA.We have partnered with Glory Outreach Assemblies (GOA) Please visit their website to see all they are doing. http://www.goaweb.org

Through GOA we are involved in the care of orphans and widows infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. This is our mission.

Tumaini (HOPE) Education Center. We support 30 children from the surrounding community for education and food. They are orphaned kids whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS and being raised by relatives and friends. These kids would not have any opportunity for an education if it were not for the generous support of Cumberland Community Church and friends.

Beat the Drum Village. We support this wonderful complex of 4 cottages that each house 5 kids and a caregiver. The vision is to create a home environment for kids with HIV/AIDS. We provide healthy meals and meds and education. We also raise funds to build an additional 5 cottages on the property. These kids that at one point had no hope and now are healthy and full of life.

HIV/AIDS Widows’ Coperatives. We supply with chickens so they can become self-supporting. Four years ago through the leadership of Pastor Francis he gathered together 60 widows who had been ostracized from their communities. They wanted to support themselves and their children. We were able to build chicken coops and supply chickens and regular encouragement. Today they are not dependent on any one except God and their agricultural co-operative. We continue to invest into the women and see them grow in serving others. Today they have farmland, chickens, cows, goats and an incredible spirit.

Now it is 2014 and Pastor Francis has gathered together 100 women in the same need as the others were 4 years ago. We will do it again by giving them a hand up with chicken coops and chickens. We ware excited to now multiply the model and the women of the original co-operative will help mentor the new community.

Mathare Valley Slum Church. This church is in a community of 800,000 people that live in less than a square mile. Pastor Ezekiel is serving the poorest of the poor. Three years ago we helped launch the church and since then the church is a major source of encouragement and development in the slum. This is our sister church. Each trip we spend several days in Mathare Slum doing whatever Pastor Ezekiel leads us to do.

Please check our website for more information on our Kenya Relief Projects.

Our team:
Rob Irvine
Sheila James
Stacy Brungardt
Barbara McGinity
Camille Gough
Frank Sullivan
Gaius Gough
Freedom Rodriguez
Jon Franz
Joe Braun
Gail Woodworth


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