Projects That Add the Most Value to Your Home

Find out how to get more money for your home.

It used to be that if you remodeled a kitchen, a bath, or added any type of improvement, you could expect a dramatic increase in your home value. Then, with the downturn in the market, improvements made a house stand out, but would not necessarily add gobs of monetary value to the home. 

Fast forward to today: we are on the uptick.

Prices are going up, as is demand. The markets are very competitive with multiple offers on many properties. What are some projects that can really add some value to your home?

Number one was adding a steel door. At an average cost of $1100, it is economical and a seller can expect to see 85.6% of what they spent returned in added value. An owner can also expect to recoup 79.6% of their investment on cement siding. Other high value improvements included windows and minor kitchen updates. 

And although adding an attic bedroom can be costly, it could add over $30,000 in value to your home.

Zaasrd Sitor February 25, 2013 at 08:02 AM
The author should be educated, on D. Ricardo's theory of rent. Knock the building down and the site is worth more. Why else do slums occur ? After a reread of the above. With a misplaced comprehension of value and price. Assume the reverse is true on every point when the property tax is included in the argument.


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