VIDEO: Pellegrino Speaks Up for Illegal Immigrants

Cobb activist Rich Pellegrino discusses immigration related issues and shares things you might not have known about him.

Do you agree with Rich Pellegrino on the immigration issues discussed in the video? What are some of the causes you are passionate about? Speak out in the comments!

Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino January 26, 2013 at 12:18 AM
The same tired refrains and complaints, which are largely based in myths. Many had papers and they expired. Many were refugees and that status changed. On and on, each has a different story...many are married to Americans or have American children. The questions is not how they came here but did they work hard to build this country, like past immigrants, and were otherwise law abiding. Yes, and that is why the majority of Americans, not forgetting where and how they came from, are for a path to legal residence for them..
Pam J January 26, 2013 at 01:43 AM
It does not matter why they are here or what they have accomplished while they are here. What part of entering this country illegally or staying and hiding after your papers have expired do you not understand? So what are you suggesting? That we dig up all of our ancestors, ship them back to where they came from, and make them fill out the correct papers? Just like you are tired of me explaining what is wrong with the system, I am tired of you bringing up things that happened 150 years ago. And did we change all of the signs in the stores to all of the languages those people spoke? Nope, but we are bending over backwards to make sure the Spanish-speaking people don't need to learn English. You just want us to make all of the illegals legal. Want to reward them for sneaking in or hiding after their papers expired. Why did their papers expire? Why didn't they renew them? I'm not going to argue with you any more because it's useless.
Pracilla F May 17, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Pracilla (1) Undocumentated, illegal, spanish speaking...It's all the same old thing with different wording. Mr. P is only pointing out the obvious, if you learn from the past - you can make better decisions for the future. I have a Masters Degree, took economic courses and all the sort. I read through all of these posts. Although I may disagree with many of you, I would like put my two cent, tax paying, american spanish accent, updated educational point-of-view. Those that have pointed out that Mr. P's information is outdated. You can easily get the same result from a larger sample, as the situation has only grown, that you can get from a smaller sample, which is what is being called as outdated. The fact that we have "minimum wage" is the reason the opportunity exists to begin with. Let me explain, when you set a minimum of what a particular job is worth, when there are many people who would be more then happy to do it for less, well guess what we call them? Spanish speaking, job hogging, illegals. Why not do away with the minimum wage and see who will be willing to work just as hard for less money? This is the all American GREED and SELFISHNESS that creates openings for immigrates. It's all our fault! Stop letting the world believe that our streets are made out of gold, and that we are just as eager to build as our ancestors, then maybe they will be more encouraged to stay home. No, we don't want our hands dirty! An American man of our times are NOT working hard.
Pracilla F May 17, 2013 at 04:42 AM
They are NOT standing on the corner, waiting to be picked up for work to feed their families. They did NOT go to college to have hands that feel like sandpaper. American's have their children thinking they're too good for this kind of work. Again, giving immigrants the OPPORTUNITY to come in, we create the gap. Now you want to close it because of hard times? Hard times come and go. Working hard, providing for your family, remaining the head of household, keeping your family together, my goodness I can seriously write a book on how Americans lack this. People from other countries haven't lost their sense of self. When all the computers break down, we will not be able to rebuild without these beautiful, highly ethical, family oriented, hard working people. WE will collapse. So instead of blaming them for taking jobs no one wants their kids to take, because we're so busy trying to facilitate their children's careers and failing at that, maybe...just maybe....we should rip a page out of their book and start teaching our children the basics...like hmmm 1. When we get married we STAY married. 2. Back in the days families actually BUILT their own homes! 3. Instead of paying $150 on a toy box why don't we BUILD one together. 4. Lets talk about your place and responsibilities in the HOME. 5. Let me teach you how to ROLLER SKATE, JUMP ROPE, FISH!
Pracilla F May 17, 2013 at 04:42 AM
Honestly, it's not about the undocumented - it must really embarrass American's to have immigrants here. I'm surely embarrassed by these comments, by our lack of strengthening family, and by the stupidity of intellectuals that use that same intellect to justify bigotry all to ignore self-reflecting.


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