Cobb Parkway Target the scene of robbery, attempted carjacking

Police say man forced woman from her car in parking lot Friday morning.

The ’s Investigative Services Division is currently investigating a robbery and attempted carjacking that occurred at about 9:25 a.m. today at the Target at 2201 Cobb Parkway South. 

According to investigators, an unknown light-skinned black male, who appeared to be in his early 20s, forced a female victim into her vehicle as she was attempting to get her small child from the back seat. The victim was able to exit the vehicle with her child as the suspect was getting into the driver seat. The suspect left the scene with the victim’s dark blue 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe bearing GA tag AEV4635.

The suspect was also described wearing a white T-shirt, red shorts, red ball cap, and black socks and shoes. 

The Marietta Police Department is asking anyone with any information about the suspect or the incident to call 770-794-5300 or contact Detective Freer at 770-794-5477.

pogo art (Gary) June 11, 2011 at 07:58 PM
Well when you let the sleaze into the area and don't care what they do then this is the kind of criminal activity you are going to get. Other sleaze will learn that this is the place to move to do their drug trafficking and other criminal activity. I was on concord road when a drugged up Afro American man going 70 miles an hour weaving in and out over a double yellow line almost crashed into me. Now my wife and I risk our lives going to the thrift store. Now I have a lot of friends in the police department and they can not be everywhere. But low life criminals that come here to do criminal acts must be stopped. We must sent the message to other sleaze criminals that we will not have them in Smyrna or Cobb county. We need to have officials with the guts to make it so tuff on criminals that they will know that this is not a place for them to come and break the law. We don't need for Cobb County to become Slobb County. Some of our citizens are tired of all talk politics. We need protectors and defenders of our county and city of Smyrna. As Citizens we must get tuff on criminals and crime. Start up community crime watchs and push our officials to get tuff with us on crime. Take as many crazed drivers off the road by taking away License for good if they plan on driving under the influence on anything . Do not let criminal sleaze make your property and the county you live in become worthless.
Inside-Out June 11, 2011 at 08:07 PM
It is a shame that Marietta is as crime riddled as it is. Now they are getting closer to Smyrna. Smyrna's Police Force is highly outnumbered, but they do an awesome job of keeping us as safe as possible. I hope the Marietta Police Dept. Does a better job in the area of this Target store, which is in their jurisdiction.


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