Four arrests made at Campbell High School in Connection With Burglaries

The arrests were unrelated to several incidents where students acted out in reaction to a new bell schedule.

Two adults and two juveniles were arrested at Friday, March 2 in connection with a burglary investigation. Smyrna police could not offer more details as the investigation is ongoing.

Rumors circulated Friday that the increased police presence at Campbell High School was related to a student protest over a new bell schedule. It was reported to Smyrna-Vinings Patch that students are now allowed five minutes to get to class instead of seven. Students who are late are required to serve Saturday school. Officer Mike Smith, public information officer for the , said Friday’s arrests are not connected with this incident.

In a letter sent to Campbell High School parents Monday, Principal Denise Magee confirmed that there would be an increased police presence on campus to enforce the new bell schedule after a small group of students caused disruptions Friday. In the letter she said that two fire alarms were set off and a food fight was started in the cafeteria in response to the stricter bell schedule. 

“Please be assured that this behavior will not be tolerated and it has resulted in out of school suspensions and possibly criminal charges,” Magee said in the letter. “As a result of these hall sweeps, class tardies have been reduced significantly and students have proven that they can get to class on time.”

Magee’s letter went on to say that 90 percent of the Campbell’s students have been cooperative with the new bell schedule. 

Worried CHS Student March 06, 2012 at 06:15 PM
I personally dont't understand what these new rules are trying to do... yes, the number of tardies has decreased, but at what cost? students jetting to class at full speed? This is dangerous. 2 students in the 2000 building were running trying to get to class in opposite directions, and what do you know.. BANG! they run into one another and hit the ground, one knocked out cold and the other with a busted lip... These unintended consequences are real and need to be considered... if they administration is going to put forth this new, and unreasonable policy, at least give us our class time back so people don't have to frun full speed... some posters in this forum, *CughCough* Kyle, Smyna, are ignorant to what's ACTUALLY going on at Campbell and really have unfactual opinions on the subject. unless you are actual IN the building in the year 2012, not 2009, you have no argument... the administration is trying to dictate the students to try to make the school what THEY want it to be, not looking at the best interest of ALL students, not just te 5-10% of troublesome ones.... we have to all see the BIGGER PICTURE.
Deborah Aughey March 06, 2012 at 06:35 PM
The injury to students happened in the 100 hallway two years ago in front of my classroom. The students involved admitted they weren't watching where they were going. Ms.Aughey, English teacher Campbell High School
Plank March 06, 2012 at 06:43 PM
The campus is far bigger than 1 hallway and 2 students. I witnessed a number of collisions in my time, and that was without people sprinting to class. These collisions happen especially frequently near the 6+ staircases on campus--I once watched someone take a tumble down the stairs at the back of the 900 hall due to rushing. I'd imagine this will happen with a much higher frequency now that there are only 5 minutes for transitions.
Brianna Porter March 06, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Hi. Ms. Aughey. In order for me not to get saturday school for the second time. Monday I rushed from the 100 hall to the 2000 building. I went outside through the doors (i obviously wasn't the only one running) and up the stairs. (which was crowded due to the fact i arrived at the same time as everyone else). Of course running up a crowded staircase is chaos waiting to happen and I ever so gentle fell down the stairs. Oh don't worry I had a pass everyone when I went to the nurse. Its okay I don't have saturday school I just missed some valuable class time falling down the stairs. oh isnt that what this rule is suppose to be preventing?
Deborah Aughey March 07, 2012 at 12:03 AM
I was only speaking to the faulty evidence one of my students posted to support her argument. She mistakenly attributed a specific hall collision to this year and the 2000 building. As I posted earlier, it was two years ago. I am not debating the issue, simply correcting a fact. I don't want parents who read these comments to believe that there were serious student injuries in the 2000 bld this week on top of all the other issues. I will do a better job providing context to students so they can take what they learn in my classroom and apply it appropriately. Ms. Aughey.
Deborah Aughey March 07, 2012 at 12:04 AM
PS- Brianna- some of my students have talked about getting a debate team together. We don't have one right now. You also would be a great freelance editorial writer for the Spartan Chronicles, Campbell's newspaper. Any student can submit articles. (Smyrna Patch, I hope it is ok to advocate for the student press in your publication.)
CHS parent March 07, 2012 at 12:42 AM
I completely understand, where there 2000+ students, a tight ship must be run, but there is a fine line between a tight ship and going overboard. I believe in this particular situation, the line has been crossed. High School is a place where not only book knowledge is taught, but life lessons are taught. We are all aware there are many students who are not fortunate to have a support system at home to teach them how to constructively handle anger or grievances, let alone, right from wrong. We are fortunate to have MANY teachers who are willing to go up and beyond the call of duty to teach, encourage and mentor the student of CHS. Since the beginning of this school year, it has been apparent that the new administrator put her agenda ahead of what really is to take place in school, that of learning & the positive elements of the student/teacher, and often parent, relationship. I acknowledge there is always room for improvement, but if I remember correctly, CHS wasn't broken when Ms. Magee arrived. I believe the events of recent days, are emblimatic of a larger issue. If you want to teach the students to be responsible & respectful young adults, you must 1st earn their respect. I don't believe any effort has been done to achieve this, nor does blowing whistles at them encourage this. I also believe a good leader, as with a good parent, apologizes & admits when a mistake has been made. I'm not sure Ms. Magee is willing to do this, and for this, we will all pay a price.
Campbell Student March 07, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Wow, whoever "Smyrna Res" is is completely out of line. Kids aren't pathetic for lashing out. I understand that the situation was handled in a completely wrong fashion, but the new rule is also a little bit too extreme. Most of the kids comply with the new schedule and try to rush to class now, but what if it's just this one time you're late? You never get in trouble or anything, and now you get to your class 2 or 3 seconds late and you have to go to saturday school? That's a little too extreme just for a tardy. The old policy that the school had was fine, you get excessive tardies then you get either ISS or OSS. Ms. Magee just doesn't know how to come up with good rules, the rule is absolutely stupid, the school is too spread out to get from one side of the building to another in 5 minutes or less, because the hallways are always very crowded. Us kids are kids, but just because you've been on the earth longer than any of us doesn't automatically make you better than anyone, it actually makes you look lesser by assuming superior over anyone. To get respect you must give it. The administration doesn't always give off a respectful attitude when talking to the students, that's why the kids seem to lash back. Not that you can just walk around demanding respect, but that's the least you can ask for from anyone. Kid are kids, we just have fun. It'll be something we can tell our kids, not that serious.
Concerned Parent March 07, 2012 at 01:37 AM
I totally agree with CHS parent!
Smyrna Resident and Parent March 07, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Please understand that the bell schedule at Campbell High School has not changed since August 24th. At that time, the transition time between classes was reduced from 7 minutes to 6 minutes. The tardy sweeps this week and last were not a result of a new bell schedule, but instead an effort to enforce the existing policy in a more immediate fashion. I'm not arguing that there aren't concerns to be addressed, but let's make sure we're armed with valid and correct information.
Kyle Clark March 07, 2012 at 02:27 AM
CHS has had issues similar to the present four years ago when I was in school there (We had food fights, "protests", and people being late for class). I am positive that Ms. Magee is not the one at fault for these current events, she may be giving out harsh punishments but the problems were already there. This is her attempt at fixing the problems. History shows us that people don't like change, especially when it steps on their toes. Should the current policy be changed? I don't rightly know. But what I do know is that the problems the school is facing are not new issues and if things are going to get better students are going to have to pick up the slack in order to gain some wiggle room.
I am very shocked at the lack of accurate information out there and the true statistics of issues that are going on at Campbell High School. This school has made a 360 degree turn in the course of a a partial school year. The problems were very obvious within the first few weeks of the school year and are only continuing to spiral out of control as the year goes on. Make no mistake that Cambell High School has wonderful educators teaching there and they need the support and leadership behind them to move Campbell forward. The Cobb County School board is turning a blind eye and not addressing the serious issues. There are so many things happening at Campbell that just get "covered up" and nobody ever hears about them or knows about them. I assure you that the teachers could tell you the truth as long as it were done anonymously. They are scared to death for their jobs. The things that are going on this year NEVER went on last year or in any other previous year. What has changed to make this happen? New Administration would be the answer. The Administration has NO CONTROL. You can't put brand new Administration into a High School most of which came from a Middle school environment and are first time Administrators this year and expect to see a school flourish and succeed. Do your research you will find this information is accurate.
My prayers are with the school daily that my student and and all the staff come home safely. That is not something that we should be concerned about while our students are at school. The school should protect our kids not make the statistics as they need to be just to "keep your job".Get the true statistics on how many parents have pulled their students out of Campbell and are sending them to private schools or other schools. If every student that currently lives in Campbell district went to the school, you would have to build a brand new school just to hold the students. This should tell Cobb County School Board something. We need and deserve our school to have the proper leadership and resources that it needs to get back under control. My student doesn't like going to school everyday seeing police offers in the halls now because things are so out of control. Cobb County School Board… How did you ever let it get to this point. As parents and Smyrna Citizens, we are begging you to stop turning a blind eye and address the serious issues.
Blowing whistles in the hallways of high school and referring to students some of which are already adults as "boys and girls" on the announcements just doesn't set well. Cobb County made a HUGE mistake placing Mrs. Magee in charge of Cambpell. What it is going to take before they realize and retract the decision that they made? There are so many things going on inside Campbell this year it is unreal. Bring the news and media inside the school. Bring in the drug dogs to uncover the serious drug problems. Investigate the discipline issues that are not documented. Investigate the serious bullying problems that are just brushed under the rug and never documented or addressed. Investigate the threats and pressures that the teachers get on a daily basis and the pressures that they work under. Do an undercover investigation. I am sure you would quickly see the validity to this comment. The Smyrna Citizens truly have no idea what damage has been done to their high school this year. There is still time to fix the issues but the sand is running out of the hour glass quickly. Unless people get their heads out of the sand and realize that Smyrna is an incredible community and deserves the absolute best and demand answers as tax payers as you watch your tax dollars go towards a school that is currently out of control nothing is going to change.
Anita Norman March 07, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Very well said. 100% agreement with you. I hope you can come to our community meeting this Friday at 7:00 at Smyrna First Baptist. It's not designed to mount an insurrection, only provide a forum for open discussion and multiple viewpoints on the issues in order to try to find a way to help the students, teachers, and administration so we can restore CHS to the fine school it has always been.
Anita Norman March 07, 2012 at 02:37 PM
You make some VERY good points, and you articulate them well. We CAN take back our school in a decent, orderly manner as parents, homeowners, and business leaders. I hope you can come to our community meeting this Friday at 7:00 at Smyrna First Baptist. It's not designed to mount an insurrection, only provide a forum for open discussion and multiple viewpoints on the issues in order to try to find a way to help the students, teachers, and administration so we can restore CHS to the fine school it has always been.
smyrna parent March 08, 2012 at 03:07 PM
This is crazy......as a parent of an incoming 9th grader, this just furthers my concerns about this school....this principal couldn't handle the middle school, so the problems are no surprise. I guess I need to start looking at private school options.....:(
Campbell Grad March 08, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I graduated from Campbell. I had the 7 min time between classes and usually that was ample time. However, the times I had classes on opposite side of campus the time was barely long enough to get there before the tardy bell rang. Heaven forbid I wanted to use the restroom between classes (as my teacher would expect if I were to ask when I got to class), then I would be late. The 2 minutes that Magee is trying to save between classes cost her a PR blunder and the respect of the student popuation. Kudos to her for making the rule and not being on campus to enforce it though...thats true leadership.
Anita Norman March 08, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Smyrna Parent, that is probably true. Although my kids started out in private schools (Montessori), I really wanted them to experience the diversity of CHS while benefitting from the IB program and the many AP classes offered. With the turn things have taken this year, I am regretting allowing my daughter to attend. In fact, although she will still graduate with her class next year, we are applying for dual enrollment at Chattahoochee Tech for the fall. She'll take the remainder of her core classes there and only come to the CHS campus for orchestra - down in the fine arts/ROTC area and away from the mainstream madness (and the dogs and the whistles.)
Teacher at Campbell March 09, 2012 at 11:07 PM
When schools have problems, parents will ask why there wasn't security present. You are making a big deal about police presence. As a teacher, I feel far more secure with the police in the building. This is a big school and anyone can come into the building at any time. Yes, we can work on increasing time for class transitions, but all in all, thank God for the increased vigilance. The halls have been filled for too long with roaming students disrupting !
Ann T March 18, 2012 at 03:47 PM
So what I'm reading here is that they give you barely enough time to get to class, you can't even use the bathroom until lunch time, the principal is in the hall blowing a whistle to make you scurry down the halls between classes and you have Saturday detention if you're 10 seconds late?? Wow, this sounds a little like bootcamp to me! I really hope this school is different by the time I have teenaged kids or that I have moved out of the area by then. All I can say is hang in there, college is WAY different and you may actually enjoy it. I did for the most part.
Tamara Evans March 20, 2012 at 09:30 PM
I’m a current student at Campbell high and I feel that this school has turned for the worst ever since Ms.Magee has gotten here.Then it’s the rude administrators aka Ms. Crisler, they say they the treat us with respect but she talks down to us like we’re her slaves and that’s why most kids usually use profanity towards her. And then in the morning you can barely socialize with your friends because you have administrators all in your face telling you that its time to go to class. Now it’s the vending machines have been cut off. I have ADHD and I have to have a little sugar in my diet everyday and with the vending machines being cut off I can’t have that. Now it’s the tardy sweeps my first block is on the 500 hallway , I have to literally RUN to the 2000 building on BDays and its ridiculous because I’m always pushing someone and running up the stairs and almost hurting myself . I agree with my fellow classmates about protesting but not how they protested. The food fights I must admit, they were crazy. But the administration has lost control because with bringing the drug dogs in was a bit too much because I have a very high fear of dogs and nearly almost passed out on Monday because the dog tried to attack someone. I feel like I’m an inmate in a prison and that’s not what I want my school environment to feel like.
another comment March 21, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Holly Cash's House was robbed repeatedly by several boy's from Campbell. Including at least one of the Baseball Players. Mr. Cash heard them the last time and got his rifle out and fired a shot in the air. The moron baseball player got so scared that he dropped his cell phone while running off. According to Carson Cash's twitter they have arrested 5, so far, she names them and they are still looking for more involved. They also found pot on at least 2 of these fools when they arrested them in school.
another comment March 21, 2012 at 04:24 AM
As a parent, I could not make it from the English wing of the Building ( the new part) to the other side of the school in the vary sparsely attended Open house in January in less than 10 minutes. My child has a 504 C on file and does not feel well or have much energy most days. This is a very difficult trek for her. The 7 minutes never allowed visits to lockers. My daughter's doctors cringe when we tell them she must carry her books all day, because she has no time to visit her locker. Then she is afraid to drink water, for fear of needing to go to the bathroom. She has passed out or almost fainted several times, due to not drinking enough water. Again the doctor can not believe they don't have time to go to the bathroom and this was with 7 minutes. But then their are no doors on the Restrooms either, so who wants to go in there. Cobb County made a big mistake with the under qualified, ego maniac cheerleader from Northwestern Grant Rivera. He actually bragged about getting a cheerleading scholarship to Northwestern, for undergraduate. I told him he should be encouraging students to get an academic scholarship like I had to a rival Big 10 school for Graduate School. Rivera needed to go. But it is clear that certain people wanted to promote Magee before the new Supt. came on board. The same person who made the Rivera mistake. The new Supt. needs to make some changes now. They fired one today at Middle school level.
MsTee D. March 31, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Really? Is this what I am sending my child to school for? To learn how the prison system works? Is Ms. Magee a warden in a prison or a principal of a HS? I am seriously considering home schooling my child. How do the children get to go to the bathroom (as filthy as they are)? If you treat children like animals or prisoners they will retaliate. Did you not see Lean On Me with Morgan Freeman as Joe Clark? The policies are ridiculous. It simply does not make sense. Carrying heavy books all day, not using the bathroom, trying to navigate the crowds to get to class in the 2000 building...how can you expect them to learn and be happy about it? It sounds stressful. We need a town hall meeting. Things at Campbell need to change. Stop having police dogs and police in a high school...it is not jail. What is this 1984? If you have negative elements in the school, pinpoint them and get them out. Do not make the other kids suffer! To avoid resistance, before any change policy takes place, everyone involved need to have a say... A survey should have been sent out to students, teachers, and administrators etc...
another comment April 01, 2012 at 03:59 AM
If you look at the sum of the parts Denise Magee and her ineptness as a leader is what is responsbile for the teenage boy, who was an AP student at Campbell this week. Unfortunately, he was one of the 28 students, swept up in the Drug Dog sweeps, conducted by this rudderless leader. Who thinks that leadership is shortening an already too short bell schedule and blowing a whistle. These are her attempts to hid she can't even write a correct letter, despite her Doctorate degree ( which on-line Doctorate mill did she obtain it from). See the March 3 letter to parents from Magee dated approx March 3, 2012. It shows you can not take the Ghetto out of some people. At least she should be smart enough to have an English teacher review and correct her letters. Where is her CV, she doesn't even post it on line. The boy who was tragically shot last Tuesday, was an AP student who had his life destroyed by getting arrested in this drug sweep, 2 months shy of graduation. What does a drug conviction, even marijauna, mean? It means that you are not eligible for any Federal Finacial Aid or loans, and the Hope Scholarship. Which for this young man, most likely meant a big end to his college hopes. I am a parent who grew up in the 1970's and 1980's this is nuts. We never had drug dogs in high school, we smoked in the restrooms. But then we never had cops occupying our high school. The criminal kids should be at Alternative Schools. I mean the ones that are gang members, etc...
another comment April 01, 2012 at 04:16 AM
More reasons why the inept Magee is responsible for the students death last Tuesday not the Police. The other students that knew him say he was never the same after the arrest. Did he smoke some LSD laced pot, on Monday, that caused him to be hauled away and out of school to the Hospital ( Denise Magee did not bother to tell the Police on Wednesday when they came by, no she would rather perpetuate the African American myth that the Police are raciest, when she is the ignorant raciest one). Or did he have a break, act out and commit sucide by police, because he realized that his college dreams were over, due to the ignorant Principal calling drug dogs on students. Why is Magee ruining students lives, what happened to dealling with things, kicking them out and calling in the parents. Why do the arrests have to occur. The students in this school do not have the Attorney parents of East Cobb Schools or Riverwood that can hire Attorneys to get these charges dropped. Instead these are the very students that need scholarships and they are then lost. Then the Raciest and inept Magee waits almost 24 hours and leaves and inceitfull voice message on the phones of parents, stating with emphasis that a campbell student was "killed" how unprofessional. The message should have said "A Campbell student has died in a tragic incident, that is receiving alot of media attention, the entire school needs to come together at this time".
another comment April 01, 2012 at 04:21 AM
More on the incompetant Denise Magee and incidents at Campbell this past week. With her "Killed" message, she did nothing but pit different groups of students against the other. At this point students were already pointing fingers at a Mexican drug dealer for bad drugs. Magee was with the AA who didn't personally know the student and his parents but jumping on the race card to blame the cops. But oops she was the stupid inept leader that can't lead and called in the cops in the first place. She ruined 28+ students future with drug dog arrests for pot. No financial aid. Then Denise Magee really showed off her ineptness, she hired a child molester from Osborne. That is right one of her new hires a Math teacher had sex with a 17 year old student. A 55 year old male with a 17 year old. I looked at his picture, yuck gross! fugly!. Then to top it off the girl then blackmails him for an A and $200. Another student told Authorities. This supposedly happened before Winter Break. So how long did it take Magee and crew to report is to DFAC's and Smyrna Police. Denise Magee and everyone else need to be fired or resign immediately. I certainly do not want my 17 year old daughter where we have one of the prize hires of the new principal sexually assaulting one of the students. Then my other question is, why on earth whould she hire a math teach from Osborne the worst teacher in the district? Fire Denise Magee now !!!!
Inside-Out April 01, 2012 at 09:35 AM
Agreed. Her actions have done nothing to help this school. I am writing a letter to the school board to address my concerns over her Robo call in regards to the death of the student. It was if she was inciting and inviting more trouble at the school, which already has a very beefed police presence in place. She is in way over her abilities.
Campbell Parent April 04, 2012 at 07:56 PM
FYI, Dr. Magee was not at school the Friday you mention because she was out defending her dissertation for her doctorate, which had been schedule for QUITE some time. Also, the amount of time between classes is 6 minutes, not 5. It has been that way since the second week of school. The students still chose to be late for class. Dr. Magee wanted the kids in the classroom. Isn't that why they are there anyway? However, in the rare, but possible, occurrence that a student cannot make it between classes in 6 minutes, I suggest their parent take a day off from work, spend the day shadowing their child, and then they will know first hand if they can make it to class on time. If not, then they have a legitimate reason to meet with Dr. Magee about this. Just wanted to clear up a few facts.


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