Four arrests made at Campbell High School in Connection With Burglaries

The arrests were unrelated to several incidents where students acted out in reaction to a new bell schedule.

Two adults and two juveniles were arrested at Friday, March 2 in connection with a burglary investigation. Smyrna police could not offer more details as the investigation is ongoing.

Rumors circulated Friday that the increased police presence at Campbell High School was related to a student protest over a new bell schedule. It was reported to Smyrna-Vinings Patch that students are now allowed five minutes to get to class instead of seven. Students who are late are required to serve Saturday school. Officer Mike Smith, public information officer for the , said Friday’s arrests are not connected with this incident.

In a letter sent to Campbell High School parents Monday, Principal Denise Magee confirmed that there would be an increased police presence on campus to enforce the new bell schedule after a small group of students caused disruptions Friday. In the letter she said that two fire alarms were set off and a food fight was started in the cafeteria in response to the stricter bell schedule. 

“Please be assured that this behavior will not be tolerated and it has resulted in out of school suspensions and possibly criminal charges,” Magee said in the letter. “As a result of these hall sweeps, class tardies have been reduced significantly and students have proven that they can get to class on time.”

Magee’s letter went on to say that 90 percent of the Campbell’s students have been cooperative with the new bell schedule. 

another comment April 01, 2012 at 03:59 AM
If you look at the sum of the parts Denise Magee and her ineptness as a leader is what is responsbile for the teenage boy, who was an AP student at Campbell this week. Unfortunately, he was one of the 28 students, swept up in the Drug Dog sweeps, conducted by this rudderless leader. Who thinks that leadership is shortening an already too short bell schedule and blowing a whistle. These are her attempts to hid she can't even write a correct letter, despite her Doctorate degree ( which on-line Doctorate mill did she obtain it from). See the March 3 letter to parents from Magee dated approx March 3, 2012. It shows you can not take the Ghetto out of some people. At least she should be smart enough to have an English teacher review and correct her letters. Where is her CV, she doesn't even post it on line. The boy who was tragically shot last Tuesday, was an AP student who had his life destroyed by getting arrested in this drug sweep, 2 months shy of graduation. What does a drug conviction, even marijauna, mean? It means that you are not eligible for any Federal Finacial Aid or loans, and the Hope Scholarship. Which for this young man, most likely meant a big end to his college hopes. I am a parent who grew up in the 1970's and 1980's this is nuts. We never had drug dogs in high school, we smoked in the restrooms. But then we never had cops occupying our high school. The criminal kids should be at Alternative Schools. I mean the ones that are gang members, etc...
another comment April 01, 2012 at 04:16 AM
More reasons why the inept Magee is responsible for the students death last Tuesday not the Police. The other students that knew him say he was never the same after the arrest. Did he smoke some LSD laced pot, on Monday, that caused him to be hauled away and out of school to the Hospital ( Denise Magee did not bother to tell the Police on Wednesday when they came by, no she would rather perpetuate the African American myth that the Police are raciest, when she is the ignorant raciest one). Or did he have a break, act out and commit sucide by police, because he realized that his college dreams were over, due to the ignorant Principal calling drug dogs on students. Why is Magee ruining students lives, what happened to dealling with things, kicking them out and calling in the parents. Why do the arrests have to occur. The students in this school do not have the Attorney parents of East Cobb Schools or Riverwood that can hire Attorneys to get these charges dropped. Instead these are the very students that need scholarships and they are then lost. Then the Raciest and inept Magee waits almost 24 hours and leaves and inceitfull voice message on the phones of parents, stating with emphasis that a campbell student was "killed" how unprofessional. The message should have said "A Campbell student has died in a tragic incident, that is receiving alot of media attention, the entire school needs to come together at this time".
another comment April 01, 2012 at 04:21 AM
More on the incompetant Denise Magee and incidents at Campbell this past week. With her "Killed" message, she did nothing but pit different groups of students against the other. At this point students were already pointing fingers at a Mexican drug dealer for bad drugs. Magee was with the AA who didn't personally know the student and his parents but jumping on the race card to blame the cops. But oops she was the stupid inept leader that can't lead and called in the cops in the first place. She ruined 28+ students future with drug dog arrests for pot. No financial aid. Then Denise Magee really showed off her ineptness, she hired a child molester from Osborne. That is right one of her new hires a Math teacher had sex with a 17 year old student. A 55 year old male with a 17 year old. I looked at his picture, yuck gross! fugly!. Then to top it off the girl then blackmails him for an A and $200. Another student told Authorities. This supposedly happened before Winter Break. So how long did it take Magee and crew to report is to DFAC's and Smyrna Police. Denise Magee and everyone else need to be fired or resign immediately. I certainly do not want my 17 year old daughter where we have one of the prize hires of the new principal sexually assaulting one of the students. Then my other question is, why on earth whould she hire a math teach from Osborne the worst teacher in the district? Fire Denise Magee now !!!!
Inside-Out April 01, 2012 at 09:35 AM
Agreed. Her actions have done nothing to help this school. I am writing a letter to the school board to address my concerns over her Robo call in regards to the death of the student. It was if she was inciting and inviting more trouble at the school, which already has a very beefed police presence in place. She is in way over her abilities.
Campbell Parent April 04, 2012 at 07:56 PM
FYI, Dr. Magee was not at school the Friday you mention because she was out defending her dissertation for her doctorate, which had been schedule for QUITE some time. Also, the amount of time between classes is 6 minutes, not 5. It has been that way since the second week of school. The students still chose to be late for class. Dr. Magee wanted the kids in the classroom. Isn't that why they are there anyway? However, in the rare, but possible, occurrence that a student cannot make it between classes in 6 minutes, I suggest their parent take a day off from work, spend the day shadowing their child, and then they will know first hand if they can make it to class on time. If not, then they have a legitimate reason to meet with Dr. Magee about this. Just wanted to clear up a few facts.


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