How The Heck Do You Cross The Covered Bridge?

A story posted earlier on Smyrna-Vinings Patch revealed that everyone does it differently, but there is a “correct way” to cross the Concord Road covered bridge.

and you’ll get a variety of responses:

“I've heard its three cars at a time, then alternate...not sure if its true though.”

“The correct way to yield is one at a time alternating sides of the bridge.”

“The cars that are waiting on the opposite side when you pull up should all get to cross before you go. If you are there first you should cross first.”

No one could agree on how to cross the bridge, but everyone agreed that some drivers’ methods are more creative than others.

“I have seen more numbskull driving maneuvers near that bridge.”

Smyrna-Vinings Patch decided to settle the question once and for all with a quick call to the county.

“If there are cars on each side of the bridge, one side goes then the other side goes,” said Cobb County’s Director of Communications Robert Quigley. “So, you would go and the people behind you would just follow you across the bridge. Once you guys all cleared the bridge, the folks behind me then we would cross the bridge.”

To clarify, all the cars from one side go together no matter the number. Then the cars from the other side go. Be sure to turn your lights on.

PK September 12, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Never ceases to amaze me how some people just feel the need to make a rude comment on the most innocent topic. How pitiful.
Kalie Turner September 13, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Who cares! Traffic is traffic. Everyone has it. Go if you want or be nice and let others go.
Annie September 13, 2012 at 11:26 AM
We live right by it. I always said one line of cars goes but people always said I was wrong. Glad to know I'm Right;)
Anita Norman September 13, 2012 at 12:24 PM
The "alternating lines" is what we've always done and what I've seen 99% of other people do in the nine years we've lived out here. Some people get greedy and try to speed up to catch up with the line going through from their side. You're always gonna have people like that; take a chill pill and don't get all upset that some guy made you wait another 20 seconds while he took his turn. Personally, if there's a line going through from my side and I'm more than a car length behind, I'll stop and let the other line come through first. The Covered Bridge area is NOT a place for being in a hurry!! :)
Duncan September 13, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Wish we knew more about what happened in this latest accident; it might help to educate folks on the whole "Covered Bridge Ethics" deal.....


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