Smyrna Public Safety by the Numbers

Want to know what it takes to keep Smyrna safe? Just do the math.

1: The Smyrna Police Department has one police dog. He’s a Belgian shepherd named Paco.

2: Number of 100-foot ladder trucks the Smyrna Fire Department owns.

4: Number of fire stations in Smyrna, but there’s a fifth opening in mid-September.

5: Number of Smyrna Fire Department's fire engines. Fire Chief Jason Lanyon said four are front-line and one is a reserve.

9: The Smyrna Police Department has nine traffic unit investigators. Four of them are motorcycle officer, four of them are investigators, one is the K-9 Unit and a lieutenant supervises the traffic unit.

11: Number of Smyrna Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Technicians

64: Number of beds in Smyrna’s jail. There are 17 detention officers, but the department is looking for two more.

67: There are 67 uniformed police cars.

79: Number of fire personnel.

89: Percent of the fire personnel who are trained paremedics. That means 66 of Smyrna’s firefighters are trained paramedics.

92: Authorized strength of the Smyrna police force. Currently there are 86 police officers and the department is seeking to fill six job openings.

5,000: Approximate number of calls the Smyrna Fire Department receives annually. Lanyon said they received 5,032 in 2010. 

50: A ticket to the costs $50. It takes a lot to make sure Smyrna’s public safety departments have the resources to keep the city safe, but you can help by purchasing a ticket to the gala. Proceeds from ticket sales and auction items benefit the Smyrna Public Safety Foundation in its mission to provide the city’s public safety personnel the support they need on the job and in times of need. 

$33,000: That’s how much the Second Annual Smyrna Heroes Gala netted for the Smyrna Public Safety Foundation. Will you help break the record this year? 

The Smyrna Public Safety Foundation Heroes Gala is Saturday, Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. Come out to Brawner Hall and show your support for the brave men and women who keep Smyrna safe. Visit the Smyrna Heroes Gala website and Facebook page for ticket information.

See how the money raised for the Smyrna Public Safety Foundation benefits the community:

Paul Smyrna August 23, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Paco, isn't a German Shepard he's a Belgin Mal.
Sydney Busby August 23, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Thanks, Paul. I didn't know there was such thing, but you're right! Are you a Paco fan?


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