Biking, Child Restraint Laws Take Effect

A summary of other newly passed legislation that becomes law in Georgia this month.

Amid all the clamor over Georgia's new immigration law, a number of other measures signed by Gov. Nathan Deal went into effect in Georgia this past Friday that may have a more direct impact on citizens.

HB 87, to get a job in the state of Georgia, also penalizes government officials who violate state laws on immigration enforcement.

The story has gained nationwide attention for its Arizona-like similarities. Earlier this week, a federal judge put a hold on several provisions of that law, which the state has vowed to appeal. Protests continued all week, including at a community meeting in Smyrna on Thursday held by the Cobb Immigrant Alliance.

Other laws that took effect today include:

HB 101 - . Makes it safer for bicycle riders and drivers on roads by requiring drivers to pass cyclists by at least three feet, among other things.

Bike Cobb was one of many biking advocacy groups that strongly supported this law. As HB 101 was working its way through the legislative session, a began in East Cobb to demonstrate solidarity for measures to improve conditions for bikers.

SB 10 - . This law allows counties and municipalities to vote on if they will allow retailers to sell alcohol on Sundays between 12:30pm and 11:30pm.

SB 88 - . Raises the age requirements for children riding in booster seats from six to eight.

To see more bills signed into law by Gov. Deal this year, see the Georgia General Assembly's website.


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