Cobb Government Leaders Considering New Sales Tax

The HOST, which would be asked of county voters to approve in November 2016, would be a 1 percent sales tax on everything sold in Cobb.

Tim Lee. Credit: Patch file
Tim Lee. Credit: Patch file
Last month, Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee said he would like to see the November general election feature county residents voting on another 1-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

The current SPLOST expires on Dec. 31, 2015, and Lee said holding a referendum during a general election makes the most financial sense if the county hopes to extend the tax for another four years uninterrupted.

Lee has now said that Cobb leaders are considering a new Homestead Option Sales Tax (HOST) to help pay for an estimated $1.4 billion in capital needs over the next decade.

The HOST, which would be asked of county voters to approve in November 2016, would be a 1 percent sales tax on everything sold in Cobb.

It would eliminate the part of many homeowners’ property tax bills that are directed to Cobb’s general fund.

According to The Marietta Daily Journal, if he can gain support from the county commissioners, Lee hopes by this summer “to move forward with a HOST proposal in order to ask Cobb’s legislation delegation to pass a bill allowing the county to hold a referendum in November 2016.”

Read more from the MDJ here.

What do you think, would you like to see a HOST referendum on the ballot in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Brian April 03, 2014 at 10:35 PM
repubnut: Why would someone from the Tea Party be for a rise in property tax millage for road maintenance? Since that's what you are saying, however you probably don't realize it. Get informed, since obviously you aren't, and just spout Tea Party propaganda without knowing the facts. Around 30% of the previous two SPLOSTs were siphoned to the general fund to pay for road maintenance. IF this funding source were cut off, then your property taxes would go up. Then you'd be paying 100% of road maintenance costs, because you wouldn't be able to rely on some sales tax paid for by people outside the county visiting Cumberland and Town Center. Well, the HOST is simply there to replace that portion of the SPLOST diversion with sales tax, so that 100% of the SPLOST would be used for its original attention. On top of that, it's to cover shortfalls until the property tax digest reaches where it should be since it took a dive during the recession and hasn't fully rebounded. Again, some portion of it would be paid for by people outside of Cobb instead of 100% paid for by homeowners. With additional Cumberland development, even more people will be coming to Cobb and spending their money here. Instead, it seems, you'd rather leave part of the burden not on people living outside of Cobb but instead on homeowners in Cobb and have higher property taxes.


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