Cobb Support Services Agency to be Reshuffled

Several positions will be eliminated and others will be promoted in a move to improve efficiency.

Cobb County's Support Services Agency is getting an overhaul to increase operational flexibility and to keep the agency up to date with current technological standards.

A presentation was delivered by Support Services Agency Director Virgil Moon during the meeting on Tuesday morning outlining the proposed changes.

According to the presentation, the Support Services Agency worked hand in hand with the Finance Department and the County Manager to ensure that the reshuffling was budget neutral; in fact, the plan will bring some savings to the county.

Under the proposed changes, agency information services will take on the additional responsibilities of records management and mail services. Moon said that because records and correspondence are becoming increasingly digital that these functions should be transferred to information services' purview.

Fleet services, which is responsible for over 1,700 county vehicles and a budget of over $3 million, will see its division manager upgraded to a department director and have an according rise in grade. Currently, fleet services are under the auspices of the purchasing department.

The purchasing department should take a more important role in the bidding process, Moon said. According to Moon, there are 158 projects expected in the next four to five years, with a total budget of around $18 million. The purchasing department will lose responsibility of fleet services and the director position will lose some grades, but its importance to the county in the bidding process will be enhanced by a move to the Cobb Government Building in Marietta Square.

The property management department will undergo a major shakeup under the new proposal. The senior project manager position will cease to exist and be replaced by a new property division manager, a currently vacant post. The senior facility project manager and the operations maintenance manager positions will be replaced by property division manager positions.

It is estimated that these changes will save the county $2,034 in FY2012 and $1,579 in FY2013.


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