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Vinings Vision Plan: What Do You Think?

Once comments have been reviewed, the plan will be presented to the Cobb County Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.

The final draft of the Vinings Vision Plan is available for public viewing and comment on the Cobb County community development website and now its up to Vinings residents to let the department know how they feel about it.

The document that was developed by the Vinings community over the past year is a master plan for the community that includes a breakdown of Vinings demographics, zoning and land use maps and historic assets.

The goals and objects of the plan were categorized into pedestrian infrastructure, preservation of land uses, natural environment, community facilities, historic preservation and building and street aesthetics.

What are your thoughts on the Vinings Vision Plan? Tell us in the comments.

to create a stacking turn lane to alleviate traffic at the intersection of Paces Ferry and Paces Mill roads. Dana Johnson, Cobb County’s planning division manager, explained the concept at the last Vinings Vision meeting.

“You have one lane that’s a right turn that helps people go on Paces Ferry southbound,” he said. “You have a pass through lane that helps people pass through Paces Ferry onto New Paces Ferry. Then you have the one westbound lane. What we’re proposing to do is take the one middle eastbound lane and make that a westbound lane, which would become a stacking lane for that left-turning traffic. What that would do is alleviate the 74 left-turning trips happening on Paces Mill Road (during rush hour) trying to get onto Paces Ferry Road and move them up to that stacking lane. Basically we estimate it will improve trip time for people living in Vinings without increasing the capacity for cut-through traffic.”

The plan's goals and projects were divided into a list of short-term, mid-term and long-term goals, their cost and the party designated responsible for their implementation, whether that be Cobb County or private citizen groups.

One such group is the Vinings Community Conservation Alliance. , President Glenn Dyke introduced the alliance to the community.

“The Vinings Community Conservation Alliance that Cal (Dortch) is going to run is going to take ownership of that plan,” he said. “We as an organization, the homeowners association, are going to assist them. But they’re going to be involved in promoting the implementation of that plan and reaching out to the community and caucusing those elements of the plan that should be implemented first and setting the timeline to do that.”

But before this can happen, the public needs to review the plan online. Then community development staff will make a preliminary presentation to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on May 22. In June the plan will be placed on the Planning Commission’s agenda. If approved, it will then be presented for approval to the Board of Commissioners and will become part of the Cobb County Master Plan. 

The Vinings Vision Plan can be viewed at the Cobb County community development website and on Smyrna-Vinings Patch.


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