Concord Road Project Still On Schedule for September Start

However, Smyrna's City Engineer said the progress won't look like much at first.

According to Smyrna’s City Engineer, the Concord Road Improvement Project is still on schedule to begin in September, though it may be some time before there’s a noticeable difference in the roadway.

City Engineer Keith Williams said Smyrna City Council should vote to approve a bid for the contract at its next meeting Monday, Aug. 20. If awarded, utility relocation would begin in September.

“A September start does not mean Concord Road is going to start getting ripped up in September because the first step is utility relocation,” he said. “While technically the project is started in September, the traffic is going to remain the same. What you’re going to start seeing is Georgia Power starting to install new poles in certain places. The process is a little drawn out and a little bit out of our control, but we try to push it as much as we can.”

Williams said Georgia Power will first install new poles further from the existing roadway to accommodate the wider road. Then new lines will be installed to the new poles, power will be tranferred to the new lines then the old poles and lines will come down.

Once Georgia Power has completed the process Charter Communications and AT&T will do the same thing with their utilities, Williams said.

Concord Road actually has a pair of projects set to be completed with monies used from the 1-cent 2005 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax and the 2011 SPLOST. From the older SPLOST, $3,335,000 has been dedicated to the Concord Road Trail/Streetscape project, which will provide a multi-use trail on the north side of the road between Atlanta Road and South Cobb Drive; and $5,280,000 for the widening of Concord Road to include turning lanes and median between Spring Road and South Cobb.

The City of Smyrna’s website and one provided by the county outline this info and amounts used to cover the full design and most of the Right of Way acquisition. Funding from the 2005 SPLOST does not cover construction of the project as that funding, $11,755,00, is to come from 2011 SPLOST money.

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DG September 05, 2012 at 12:03 PM
As a Dunn St. resident the Concord median means slower emergency response times to my end of Dunn St. and Lee St. After finding out about this median 2 days ago many Forest Hills neighbors went to the city council meeting. I'd really like to thank Corky for being concerned about traffic turning left off Dunn St. and their safety, since he would not comment on our neighbor safety due to the future increase in emergency response time in case of crime and/or fire. Also thanks for working towards increasing the traffic in the neighborhood, people already speed through I'm sure the increase in traffic will also guarantee the safety of the children running around. All in all this project is being planned horribly in regards to our neighborhood, and with a city that is doing such a great job in handling growth I hate to see projects like this handled poorly without any communication to the people that they affect.
R. Anderson September 05, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Sean Murphy is saying that he knew all along about the median and it wouldn't be a problem. He wants to know why everyone didn't know about it. I had a conversation with a Smyrnan who knows Croy (the man not the company). The Smyrnan said he had a conversation years ago (remember this project started in 2005 seven years ago) and Croy told him there would be a traffic light at every intersection on Concord from S. Cobb to Atlanta. So which communication are you referring to? Sean Murphy, the city, or Croy. Now there's differrent stories about what the project is. And don't expect any communication from the city or your council person. They have kept everyone (except Sean Murphy) in the dark about what's to happen. And the reason is probably because of what happened at the council meeting last night. They blindsided the council. And good for the Forest Hills Neighbors. Speak up loudly and clearly. This may be a done deal but the council needs to hear from the people they represent. It takes eternal vigilance to live in Smyrna.
R. Anderson September 05, 2012 at 01:03 PM
There is a second set of plans for Concord Road that is very detailed down to the bricks and landscape. These detailed plans are not on the Smyrna web site. They are at the Public Works Building 2190 Atlanta Rd. Go several blocks north past Windy Hill and look for the Public Works sign on the left. Turn left and follow the road to the building. Enter the first door. Ask to see the 25-30 pages of plans that are taped to the wall. (You will need a step ladder to read them. When asked public works personnel said they didn't have one to use.)
Atlanta Glamdoll October 02, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Yet ANOTHER ridiculous waste of of city taxpayers funds!!! It wasn't enough to spend over 20 million on buying apartment complexes to tear down and simply leave abandoned, now Mayor Max Coketard thinks it's prudent to spend millions more on a project that impedes emergency services from reaching residents on either side of Concord rd easily, he wants to redirect through-traffic to quiet residential roads, he wants to inconvenience the residents who live there... forcing them to hurry through narrow subdivision roads for their morning commute. We say "this is wasteful and impractical. Max, you are high off your @ss as usual. Enough of your bullsh!t."
Brian October 02, 2012 at 03:31 AM
You don't know what you are talking about. Turning an eyesore into something attractive is a waste of money? I don't want things staying ugly. And considering Forest Hills is going up in value, it won't hurt it to have a nice linear park and gardened medians nearby. If you don't like Smyrna turning yuppie, then get out.


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