Food Scores: Marlow's Tavern Gets 96

Here are the latest food scores of establishments in Smyrna and Vinings from Cobb & Douglas Public Health inspections.

Each item on an inspection form has a point value ranging from 1 to 9 points, with violations deducting points from a best possible score of 100.

Higher points are taken for items with higher risk to cause illness, while repeat violations take even more points. Letter grades assigned are A for totals of 100 to 90 points, B for 89 to 80, C for 79 to 70, and U for less than 70.

Facility Name Address Purpose Score Grade Inspection Date Marlow's Tavern 2355 CUMBERLAND PKWY SE STE 10 ATLANTA  Routine 96  A  09/24/2012 SNAP! Franks & Coneys 1797 SPRING RD SMYRNA  Routine 100  A  09/25/2012 The Fry Guy 878 PEACHTREE ST STE 403 ATLANTA  Routine 100  A  09/24/2012
Pam J October 15, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Not sure how the Fry Guy got on the Smyrna Patch since it's on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. I'm curious about Vittles in Smyrna. Their last three scores have not been good and yet they are still open and people still go there. My parents used to go there all the time until I told them about the inspection scores. Does anybody know the story behind the restaurant and why the scores have been so bad?
Alexandnoah October 17, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Roaches! Roaches are why the scores are so bad, and it's a shame because the food is deliious and inexpensive. On two seperate visits I had roach sightings, and have vowed to never return. I guess it's all about a persons tolerance to certain things. Plus they have a smoking section that attracts a lot of people.


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