Public Hearing on Proposed FY15 Budget at Monday's Smyrna Council Meeting

Can't make Monday night's meeting? Watch it live here.

Smyrna City Hall. Credit: Patch file
Smyrna City Hall. Credit: Patch file
The City of Smyrna is broadcasting Monday evening's city council meeting online. The meeting is also broadcast on Channel 19 on Charter Cable.

If you are unable to attend the meeting or cannot watch it on Channel 19, please follow this link to watch the proceedings live as they happen.

Monday night's meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 2800 King Street.

Monday night's agenda is as follows:

1.  Invocation and Pledge:

2.  Agenda Changes:

3.  Mayoral Report: 

A.  Proclamation in Recognition of Memorial Day Poppy Weekend (May 24-26, 2014) 

B.  Citizens Fire Academy Recognition

4.  Land Issues/Zonings/Annexations: 

A.  Public Hearing - Zoning Request Z14-009 - Approval of a zoning amendment to modify the

currently approved site plan and building elevations - 1.38 Acre Tract - Land Lots 485 & 486 - 1155 Concord Road - Peacock Partnership, Inc. 

B.  Public Hearing - Zoning Request Z14-011 - Approval of a zoning amendment for additional wall signs for the McDonalds at 3260 South Cobb Drive - 1.07 Acre Tract - Land Lot 380 - 3260 South Cobb Drive - Integrity Engineering & Development Services, Inc. 

C.  Public Hearing - Zoning Request Z14-010 - Approval of a Special Land Use Permit for the installation of a new modular classroom building at Whitefield Academy - 51.54 Acre Tract - Land Lots 542, 543, 610 and 611 - 1 Whitefield Drive - Whitefield Academy

D.  Public Hearing - Zoning Request Z14-012 - Approval of a zoning amendment to eliminate zoning condition #9 that requires the new homes to have rear entry garages - 0.641 Acre Tract - Land Lot 489 - 2619 Hughes Street and 1146 & 1150 Fleming Street – 242 Development, LLC

E.  Approval of Item 2014-134 - Ordinance # 2014-08 - Annexation request (100% owners requesting annexation) - Land Lots 445 & 492, 17th District, 0.43 acre tract known as 1123 Park Drive, 1.21 acre tract known as 2201 Dixie Avenue, and 0.7 acre tract known as 2267 Dixie Avenue, Smyrna, 2nd Section, Cobb County, Georgia

5.  Privilege Licenses

6.  Formal business:

A.  Public Hearing: Proposed Budget for FY 2015

B.  Approval to allocate CIP money to purchase 25 SCBA's (self-contained breathing apparatus) at a total cost of $87,500.00 

C.  Approve the Amendment to the City of Smyrna's Code of Ordinance Chapter 6 entitled Alcohol allowing alcohol to be sold by the drink at festivals under certain conditions

D. Approval to amend the fee schedule to include alcohol license fee for special event/catering

E. Approve the amendment to the City of Smyrna 's Code of Ordinance Chapter 46 entitled Environment to include Section 46-8 which prohibits smoking within all City owned facilities and parks properties

F. Authorize a Resolution and Declaration of taking of 2419 sq. ft. of temporary construction easement at 2766 Stonecreek Road for the Belmont Hills Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project.

7.  Commercial Building Permits:

A. Issuance of a commercial building permit for a McDonald's at 3240 South Cobb Drive.

A. Issuance of a commercial building permit for a McDonald's at 3240 South Cobb Drive.

8.  Consent Agenda:

A.  Approval of the May 5, 2014 Mayor and Council Meeting Minutes

B.  Approval of modification to Personnel Policy EMP 7-0 Overtime and Compensatory Time and authorize Mayor to sign related document

C.  Award RFP 14-023 United Drive to the lowest bidder Lori's Transportation and Excavation for $91,735.02 and authorize the Mayor to execute any associated documents.

D.  Approval of lease agreement between the City of Smyrna and Smyrna Soccer Association for the space located at 2688 Atlanta Road and authorize the Mayor to execute any related documents

9.  Committee Reports:

10. Show Cause Hearings:

11. Citizen Input:

12. Adjournment:


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