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Meet State Senate Candidate Hunter Hill

"I will support and defend our Founding principles: limited government, individual responsibility, low (and fair) taxation, free-market capitalism, and a sound legal system.'' - Hunter Hill

Editor’s note: Earlier this month, Smyrna businessman Hunter Hill announced his campaign for the Georgia Senate's 6th District. He joined and as candidates in the 2012 Republican primary. The winner will face Democratic incumbent Doug Stoner. The district, redrawn by the GOP-dominated Ga. Legislature, now stretches from Smyrna through Vinings and into Buckhead and Sandy Springs. Here in his own words, Hill introduces himself.


I am pleased to share some exciting news with you. As you may know, I ran for Georgia's State Senate in 2008. As a result of the recent 2010 Census, the lines of District 6 have been redrawn and now include Smyrna, Vinings, Buckhead, Brookhaven and Sandy Springs. After prayerful consideration, encouragement from many, and a personal passion to serve in a capacity to protect our freedoms and our future, I am announcing my candidacy for this seat once again.

Why am I running?

During my time as an Officer in the US Army, I had the privilege of serving our country on three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan especially, I saw a country without an understanding of America's values and principles. Concurrently, I observed, in America, that many of our own politicians were undermining the very principles that made us the envy of the world. I truly believe that our greatest threats are not from abroad, but from within. I see my future service as a State Senator to be a continuation of the oath I took as an officer to support and defend the Constitution, and I am convinced that we must elect statesmen, at all levels of government, who will fight for and protect our founding principles.

Our Founders understood that government does not cause people to flourish, but can only create an environment that allows people to flourish. There is a big difference. As our State Senator, I will support and defend our Founding principles: limited government, individual responsibility, low (and fair) taxation, free-market capitalism, and a sound legal system. These values and principles motivated me to attend West Point and serve our country in the Army. Now, I have the burning desire to protect these principles and serve our community in the State Senate.  

Throughout this campaign, I will be issuing the specifics of my platform, but because this will be a competitive race, I will need your support immediately to help spread the word and win this race. Please consider visiting www.votehunterhill.com to make a contribution, and to follow our campaign over the coming months.

Thank you for your consideration, and please call me at (404) 414-1891, if you have any questions or would like more information about my plan to serve in the State Senate. I would be honored to hear from you.


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