Relief for Cobb Flood Victims

Cobb County will be providing final relief to victims impacted by the 2009 floods.

Cobb County officials say they are working with state and federal officials to garner grant funding and provide final relief to property owners impacted by the 2009 floods.

Federal Emergency Management Agency funds should total more than $2.6 million and will be used to acquire the final 21 flood-prone properties that were substantially damaged.

"During an emergency, our first priority is to help our residents," Chairman Tim Lee said. "Even after the immediate impact has passed, we continue to help residents recover as much as possible. We are working diligently with state and federal agencies and should begin to acquire the final phase of flood-damaged properties this year."

In 2009, historic floods decimated much of Austell. Since then, 130 homes have been purchased for approximately $19 million.

Once the final grant funds are received, it will take about two years to buy the properties and demolish homes. The land will become passive greenspace that will never be redeveloped.


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