VIDEO: Mayor Offers Updates on Jonquil Plaza, Hickory Lake, Other Properties

Tuesday Mayor Max Bacon addressed the Smyrna Rotary Club about some of the developments around the city.

Read more about some of the developments Mayor Max Bacon mentions in the video:

Brian September 03, 2012 at 04:18 AM
MS: There is no mention of Smyrna in that article and you spout things as if it's a quote from the article with no basis. I consider this borderline trolling. You know, Sandy Springs borders the CID almost kitty-corner to Smyrna. Did they talk about considering expanding into the part of Sandy Springs right across the river in the article? No. So can you say the same thing about Sandy Springs? I imagine you won't. How about East Cobb or Vinings? So why are you picking solely on Smyrna?
Jonquil Gardener September 04, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Alex: I think the issue here is that one group pretty much comes on here and in most cases post completely erroneous information, insinuations and false accusations. I mean the very first post brings up the "Exchange Bank". Then Freya says "dirty tactics" in reference to Bacon. Yet not one time has any of these posters provided proof of anything they have claimed. The other group simply calls them out for it. Then those that are just asking for proof pretty regularly get personally attacked for asking for facts and called "stalkers" or "paid employees" or "mouth pieces" for the City. Like S. Murphy did here on this very thread (below) The problem as you put it here, is that people do read these silly threads and if they are not as informed as you or some of the others are they go looking in these threads to see what the consensus is and then they see all this garbage and start thinking there might be some truth to some of the ridiculous claims. Next thing you know the editor starts taking them seriously and giving them editorial space and then we start hearing questions at public meetings that are just plain ridiculous. I think that those calling these posters out for comments without merit are helping keep this site from becoming one huge negative for the City's image.
Brian September 04, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Regarding the questions of when does office/industry business relocate to Smyrna, exhibit "A" is the growing Highland Parkway park. Regarding peoples' statements that Smyrna doesn't need commerce/industry to survive, I have to agree with Cumberland next door. However, fiscally, it makes sense to decrease the tax burden and honestly South Cobb Drive needs a game other than retail, since it is over-saturated with retail. The other likely direction - more residential on S. Cobb - is going to cost us revenues. A large 4 story office complex was going to be built behind Wendy's near I-285 and annex itself into Smyrna. That would have been a good step towards re-inventing parts of South Cobb as office, but sadly the timing wasn't quite right. Office needs to be in areas easily reachable by people who don't necessarily know the area and with the infrastructure to support it, along with nearby places to eat and get supplies, along with infrastructure. Plazas and walk-ability a plus. General proximity to interstates is also important. The other aspect - close to talent pool - all of Smyrna has in the bag. Therefore, on the infrastructure and location: Appropriate areas for office would be North of Windy Hill on Atlanta Rd, Windy Hill, S. Cobb at Windy Hill, S. Cobb and I-285, Spring Rd just outside Cumberland, Concord at South Cobb, E/W Connector and South Cobb Drive. All but the E/W at S. Cobb have some affordable land if they are willing to tear-down some retail and housing.
Neal Dow June 06, 2013 at 11:11 PM
Evidently Longstreet Capital pulled out of the deal. Concord Rd. property is back on the market. Jonquil Plaza is five years in arrears for taxes. So that adds to the problem of selling that property. All this time has past and still lots are vacant in Smyrna. There's development in all of the metro area expect this city. It's not the economy.
30080 June 17, 2013 at 09:29 PM
JV is four years behind in taxes with the city and five years behind with Cobb Co. If the taxes aren't paid by Aug the property goes up for auction on the courthouse steps.


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