What's on the Agenda: April 1 Smyrna City Council

The city will appoint a new Ward 5 board member to the Parks and Recreation Commission at tonight's meeting.

The regular City of Smyrna council meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the first and third Mondays of each month. Click here to find out how you can watch tonight's meeting online.


Call to Order

1. Invocation and Pledge: Pastor Alan Scott, Cumberland Community Church (3110 Sports Ave SE)

2. Agenda Changes

3. Mayoral Report

4. Land Issues/Zonings/Annexations: Please limit speaking time for citizens' input related to the following land issues/zonings/annexations to five minutes.

(A)Public Hearing: Zoning Request Z12-009 - Modification of currently approved site plans and building elevations - 6.42 Acre Tract - Land Lots 620 and 677 - 4560 South Cobb Drive - Columbia Properties, Inc. Tabled from February 18, 2013 by Mayor and Council and tabled from March 18,2013 by Columbia Properties (Sponsor: Lnenicka).

5. Privilege Licenses:

(A) Public Hearing: Approval of change of agent/owner for a pawn dealership license for Personal Jewelry Loans, located at 2800 Spring Rd., to agent/owner Kenneth Porter (Sponsor: Pritchett)

6. Formal business:

(A) Appointment of Ward 5 Board Member to Parks and Recreation Commission (Sponsor: Wilkinson)

(B) Award RFP 13 020 for Food Truck Event Coordinator and authorize the Mayor to sign and execute all related documents (Sponsor: Anulewicz).

7. Commercial Building Permits

8. Consent Agenda:

(A) Approval of March 18, 2013 Mayor and Council Meeting Minutes

(B) Award RFQ 12 021 to Hill Company, Inc. for Dehumidification System (Unit Only) for Wolfe Center Pool in the amount of $116,500.00 and authorize the Mayor to sign and execute all documents (Sponsor: Wilkinson).

(C) Approve amended MassMutual 457 plan documents and authorize Mayor to execute related documents (Sponsors: Lnenicka)

(D) Approval of Atkins Park 11th Annual Crawfish Boil April 27, 28, 2013 (Sponsor: Anulewicz)

9. Committee Reports

10. Show Cause Hearings

11. Citizen Input: Please limit speaking time for public comment to three minutes.

12. Adjournment

30080 April 02, 2013 at 01:35 PM
The go ahead for that develop proves that land has no value in Smyrna.
Brian April 05, 2013 at 02:11 AM
It doesn't prove any such thing. It's just a fact that the whole Smyrna-Vinings-Cumberland area is not fully developed. When an area so far from Cumberland is not fully developed yet, do you think developers are going to go vertical and build office there when there's still land available in Cumberland? Things are filling in in Cumberland, Smyrna, and everywhere and as it does, land becomes more expensive. That's just how it works.
Brian April 05, 2013 at 02:30 AM
The city handled this very well and showed backbone. Ron, Wade, and Comm. Dev put a lot of work into it. The city has no control over market dynamics. We have no overlay district there. t was zoned an outdated GC when Columbia bought it, meaning they could theoretically build anything. In the initial zoning, after talking to residents, the city prohibited a lot of things like tire shops and drive-up kiosks. Then the developer started looking for tenants to get a loan from the bank (nowadays, you often have to line up more than just anchor tenants first). They didn't find enough for the original concept. What they found interested in expanding to this location was Krispy Kremes, a bank, Autozone, Del Taco. They also found office tenants for two small office buildings. They left two storefronts un-rented for misc retail, boutique, restaurants. At that point, the city either has an option to reject or allow. They initially were going to reject based on citizen feedback and their own opinions about what's appropriate for there (and I'm talking months back they said that) and talked with citizens and developers. From the citizens, they got a laundry list of reasonable demands, including walkability and new facades and the developers delivered. So, honestly, as a resident who lives close to there... I'd like something like Ivy Walk, but obviously at least we'll have something there, earn the taxes, and it's going to have cross-walks, etc. And at least it's not a strip mall.
Neal Dow April 06, 2013 at 02:32 PM
The Smyrna city council is in violation of Georgia's Open Meetings Act. Monday April 8th at 5:30 pm upstairs from council chambers the city council will hold The Committee of the Whole meeting. This is where decisions are made and important topics discussed. It is opened to the public. Residents can attend to observe but can not speak. Notice must be posted at least one week in adance of the meetings. Agendas must be availablem, and specific enough to inform the residents of the matters expected to come before the council. Summary minutes, final minutes, and executive session minutes are required for every meeting. Residents can bring civil actions to obtain compliance with the law. Violations can lead to a $1,000 fine for the first violation, and $2,500 fine for each additional violation within 12 months. http://www.georgialibraries.org/dir_mtg/05_2012/Summary-requirements-GA-open-mtg-act.pdf
Brian April 10, 2013 at 03:52 AM
The Attorney General can enforce as well. I recommend contacting the AG instead since it's free for you, and it looks like AG will enforce. You probably need to tell the AG specifically how they aren't in compliance and offer evidence, and then I'd find out from the AG when to follow-up to find out if it has been remedied. Note that 24 hour notice is appropriate in some cases as well, for "special" meetings. I'm not exactly sure what the definition of a "special meeting" is based on the powerpoint, and haven't read HB 397. I would assume it's something that came up last minute and must be discussed about before the next city hall meeting. Closed meetings are allowed related to litigation, including threatened litigation. Closed meetings are allowed related to purchase/sale of real property. Closed meetings can be used for interviews and discussion related to personnel or discipline. For closed meetings, all votes must be public and recorded. Records of open sessions must be provided in three days. It also looks like you only have 90 days to report the issue, after the case it happens. Whether or not they are in compliance, if they aren't giving a week's notice, depends probably on whether or not the meeting is considered a "special" meeting or not. That seems ambiguous to me. If it's a regular meeting, then they should


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