Assistant Principals at Campbell High and Kings Springs Resign, Reassigned

The Cobb Board of Education made a number of personnel appointments at Wednesday's work session.

With the start of the school year just days away, the Cobb Board of Education made a number of school-level teaching and administrative appointments during its Wednesday work session. 

At the high school level, the following changes have been made: 

  • Richard Tischler resigned as assistant principal at . 
  • Former South Cobb High School teacher Kristopher Watkins is now a teacher/assistant administrator at Campbell High School.
  • Former Kennesaw Mountain High School teacher Kimberly Artigas has been named a teacher/assistant administrator at Campbell High School.
  • Allatoona High School teachers Amie Howard and Caroline O'Connor were named teachers/assistant administrators at the same school.

The following middle school personnel changes were announced: 

  • Former Wheeler High School teacher Nathan Stark is an assistant administrator at .
  • Lovinggood assistant principal Nicholas Golowich was appointed to the same position at Tapp Middle School. He is succeeded at Lovinggood by Richard Hamby, who held the same post at the Lindley Sixth Grade Academy.
  • Former Tapp assistant principal Lugenia Purnell was named assistant principal at Smitha Middle School.

Two of them were principals: 

  • Former  assistant principal Sharon Arduino was named the new principal at Chalker Elementary School. 
  • Mitchel Bivens, who had been the principal at School, will assume the same position at Lindley Middle School. He succeeds Dr. Sandra Ervin, who announced her retirement effective last week. 

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Stacy August 09, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Chalker Elementary is one lucky school to have Sharon Arduino. King Springs is fortunate to have had her as assistant principal, but her tenure was much too short. She will be missed by all.
PK August 10, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Mr. Tischler, one of the very few sane and reasonable administrators at Campbell, will be sorely missed.
another comment October 08, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Thank God that Witch with her whistle Crissler is gone from Campbell. She was ridiiculous. The most hated person on earth. Their are two reasons that the other two AP's at Campbell resigned ; 1) The Incompetant Affirmative Action Promotion of Dr.?? Denise Magee ( she is a joke). 2.) Magee bringing along her even more incompetant Black Maffia Sister Crissler. Thank God they got rid of Crissler. Campbell has suffered through two Affirmative Action Principals, when the former white was doing just fine. Grant Rivera was awful and fired. Magee is even worse. Magee has had at least two male teachers having sex with female students under her watch. Why is she still there? She can not even speak or write in proper English. Even the black parents laugh and make fun of her.


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