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My name is Donna Short- Woodham. I have called Smyrna home for 15 years.  I live with my husband Chuck along with four cats and a very spoiled dog named Patty Cakes. Over the years I have transformed our yard into a bird sanctuary. Needless to say, I am a animal/nature lover. I would encourage people with yards no matter how big or small to create a meadow that attracts bees, birds and butterflies to your yard.  I will be blogging for Patch because this is a political year. Come November you will get a chance to vote for a new mayor and council   In my blog I will try to identify for the citizens of Smyrna the dead, out-of-date ideas that are holding this city back by the past and present decisions of the current mayor and council. I will introduce to you some of my ideas that are new and up-to-date and should be considered in the planning and zoning of Smyrna. I will also include ideas from other cities' mayor, council and active citizens that are thinking outside the box in their towns, like smart growth. My blog will not be critical just a simple way to introduce new ideas that will make Smyrna a neat place to live. I encourage your comments! I will also highlight a Smyrna business and give a small bio on the owner. I believe that  local politics matters and our local business community matters. If you like my ideas tell your councilman/woman. I am glad I live in Smyrna and call Smyrna home.
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