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(609) 815-6494 Atco, N.J. DOB: 3/31/1977 Sean is a graduate of Temple University, with a bachelor's degree in communication/journalism. He spent 8 1/2 years at The News of Cumberland County (formerly the Bridgeton News) before coming to Patch.com in November 2010. Prior to his time with The News, Sean interned for Metro-Philadelphia. Sean is a lifelong South Jersey resident, born and raised in the Atco section of Waterford Township, Camden County. He is the product of a public-school education—a graduate of Waterford Twp. Public Schools and the now-defunct Edgewood Regional High School. Sean is a huge sports fan, particularly of the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers and Philles, as well as Temple Owls and Villanova Wildcats hoops. Sean has one daughter. ----- At Patch.com, we strive to provide our readers with unbiased, professionally reported news content. That means we expect our editors and reporters to be objective in their reporting. That said, everyone has opinions, making 100 percent impartiality virtually impossible. That is why Patch.com believes it is important for each local website's editor to tell anyone who wants to know a bit about their own personal beliefs system. Politics How would you describe your political beliefs? Are you registered with a certain party? I am a registered Democrat, but identify myself as "just-left of center." I was more liberal in my younger years, but have adopted more of a centrist position as I've moved into my mid-30s. While I typically will vote Democrat, I have in recent years pulled the lever (err, pushed the button) for a handful of GOP candidates. Religion How religious would you consider yourself?  I was raised Roman Catholic, but currently only attend Mass a handful of times each year. Local Hot-Button Issues What do you think are the most important issues facing the community? As we move into 2011, the biggest issue facing Gloucester Township, in my opinion, is achieving a healthy balance between the need for commercial development to bolster its ratable base and maintaining its bedroom-community feel. I believe commercial development can be good for a community, but only if it's done with residents' interests at the forefront of the decisionmakers' minds. It's sometimes up to residents to remind the decisionmakers how they feel. Show up at council meetings! Show up at planning board meetings! Another key issue facing the township is seeing that its current base of businesses stay open. In November 2010, two longtime township eateries — Charlie Brown's Steakhouse and Denny's — closed their doors for good. These closings are more than likely a sign of the nation's struggling economy, but residents are wondering if more could've been done by local government to help the apparently struggling businesses stay open. Perhaps township residents could've frequented these township restaurants, and others, as opposed to ones in neighboring Pine Hill or Washington Township or Lindenwold.
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