Todd Burkhalter
Consultant at DDS Financial / Leadership Johns Creek Project Mentor / Alumni.
Todd Burkhalter is a Senior Consultant with DDS Financial. Since 1995 he has had the opportunity to work with and impact hundreds of small and middle size business owners across America.
Todd knows, that entrepreneurs feel pressure from the constant juggling of the numerous decisions that have to be made. Each independent decision has an interdependent impact on every facet of life and business. Todd has a unique way of stimulating the business owners mind, allowing them to “rethink their way of thinking” As a keen observer of human nature, Todd points out creative, instructive, and compelling solutions to the questions and needs of both life and business. When Members join Todd to experience their Perfect Plan Day, they gain a new sense of clarity. They finsish their day with a challenge to grow as they become empowered to change. Todd’s ultimate goal is to assist others as they discover and utilize their God given talents. By developing a new set of skills, people realize an enhanced financial freedom in order to live the life they deserve. From there, they can help and serve as many people as possible. He is most often noted for the powerful emphasis he places on business leadership and faith. “We at DDS create a beautiful partnership with our clients that is rich and rewarding. Their passion to serve others, combined with our ability to navigate the “business of business”, provides a powerful a recipe for success,” he says. Whether you follow Todd on-line or meet with him in person,his message provides the necessary tools for personal and professional transformation in todays chaotic world
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